Steve Wells – Guitar / Vocals / Drums

Steve is the worship band leader; he sings, plays guitar and even occasionally gets the chance to return to drumming in the Room 211 band.  He has 3 beautiful daughters, and is very happily married to Barbie, the keyboard player/singer in the band. Steve is extremely thankful to be a part of the Room 211 and Christ Lutheran family, and aside from leading the band, is employed full-time at Christ as Director of Connections Ministries.

Greg Meyer – Guitar/ Bass

Greg has played guitar for Room 211 since September of 2005. Greg married Bonnie, the love of his life, on July 1st 2009. He has a daughter Atira, son Gibson, and 3 amazing step-children Cody, Kayla, and Kelsi. He has worked for Sampson Construction as a job superintendent for the past 14 years.

Barbie Wells – Vocals / Keyboard

Barbie plays the bass in the Room 211 band. She received her degree in music education and taught K-12 vocal music for several years.  Her career took a slight turn and she is now working as an Educational Consultant, and has for about 12 years, for Experian Corporation. Barbie has 3 beautiful daughters and is very happily married to Steve, the guitar player/lead singer in the band. Her hobbies include gardening, cooking, camping, reading and exercising. Christ Lutheran and it’s members have been a huge blessing in her life and continue to enrich her spiritually.

Andrew Parr – Lead Guitar

Andrew plays guitar in the Room 211 band. He is an Electrical Engineer and has received his Masters degree at the University of Nebraska. He is happily married to his wife of 4 years, Carrie. In addition to music, Andrew enjoys golfing, hunting and fishing.

Phil Grimpo – Drums
Phil Grimpo is a 1998 graduate of Concordia University, River Forest.  While at CURF he was a percussionist with the Wind Symphony and led a traveling worship team which toured throughout the north midwest.  Phil has been playing drums with Room211 since it’s beginnings and also aids in service planning and media production.  He is married to Elizabeth and has four children: Lydia, Christa, Hannah and Elisha.

Craig Coleman – Percussion / Drums
Craig Coleman graduated from the University of Nebraska –Kearney in May of 2003.  He has played guitar and drums and even a little blues harp in numerous bands. He is grateful for the opportunity to serve the Lord with such an awesome group of musicians.  In 2012 he married the lovely and gracious Miranda, and they have one son, Ean.

Brent Peekenschneider – Bass

Brent has enjoyed music for as long as he can remember.  He was raised Lutheran but really came to know God after his college years.  And now he loves sharing the gospel with others as part of the 211 Band.  Brent is a trainer for a company that provides software to medical practices.  Outside of work, he and his wife, Dawn, enjoy road trips, camping, and going to concerts.  Brent uses any remaining spare time he has to play with other bands he is in.

Norm Schaeffer – Guitar

Norm is a lifelong Lutheran and has been playing contemporary Christian music before there was electricity. Norm has been an LC-MS pastor, a video writer/producer, adjunct professor at Concordia-Seward, and on the journalism faculty at UNL. His wife says “he doesn’t change jobs, he changes careers.” He currently serves as the Instructional Facilities Manager at UNL. Norm and his wife Karen have been members at CLC since 1992 and have one son, Daniel.

David Kimbrough – Lead Guitar

Dave plays the guitar in the Room 211 band. He has his Masters degree in counseling and currently works as the Clinical Director at Resources for Human Development. Dave is married to Katie Kimbrough who is also in the band.  They have 1 wonderful daughter, Molly, who keeps them busy full-time. Dave had always gone to church growing up, but didn’t attend much after college. He was asked to substitute a few times in the church band and eventually “signed on” full time in the Spring of ’07. Room 211 has been a blessing in his life and has helped him build his faith to help him through the good times and the bad.

Gabe Hampton – Guitar
Gabe first started out in Room 211 running the sound board for the Sunday service in 2005. He now plays rhythm guitar in the band. Gabe has been happily married for 11 years to Nedra, and they have a 7 yr old son, Gavin and 3 year old son, Liam . He’s currently a Project Lead for BSM at the University of Nebraska.

Katie Kimbrough- Vocals / Keys

Katie has been a member of Christ Lutheran Church since the Fall of 1994.  She is married to the brilliant David (Lead Guitar Player) and they have one sweet daughter, Mollie.  Katie has been involved in Music her entire life through church, school, and the community.  Being a part of Room 211 has been the biggest blessing in her life.  She is very thankful to her band family and congregation family for all their continuous love and support.

Kristine Kapustka – Vocals

Kristine began attending Christ Lutheran spring of ’07, with a strong inspiration from the room 211 band. Originally from Daykin, Nebraska, she moved with her family all over southeast Nebraska, finally settling in Lincoln in 1995. Vocal music scholarships helped fund her college education at Midland Lutheran College, and eventually Peru State, where she sang in the main choirs, show groups, and madrigal singers.  Kristine has also sang in several musical theatre productions. Christ Lutheran has been an incredibly welcoming, life changing, fulfulling experience for Kristine, and she’s thankful to all who have made her feel like she belongs.

Nate Caouette – Drums / Loops
Nate is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has also lived in Colorado and Tennessee.  He has been happily married to his wife, Sharayah since October 2011.  Nate has a 4 year old son, Hylan, whose mom also lives in Lincoln.  Nate and Steve Wells, worship leader for the Room 211 Band, met through Craigslist, and the band has been blessed by Nate’s work on computer loops and drums.  He’s grateful to be able to be a part of what God is doing in Room211.
Justin Crow – Bass Guitar
Justin has been around music since birth, always watching his dad’s and grandfather’s bands play growing up.  It was only a matter of time before he would follow suit.  Justin originally played guitar, but was drawn to the bass years later and hasn’t looked back.  He has played in cover bands around Lincoln and currently plays in an all original band out of Omaha.  Justin and his wife, Megan, have two sons, Dexter and Rory.  In his free time he enjoys soaking up as many concerts as he can get to as well as playing live.

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