About Us

Room211 is a ministry of Christ Lutheran Church in Lincoln, NE.

You are invited to a multi-sensory worship experience Sunday mornings at one of our campuses:

9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. in the West Ministry Center at our Central Campus 

10:15 a.m. in the Elementary Gym at our South Campus

Come hear God’s word presented in a relevant way to the 21st century! Relax in our casual environment and have a cup of gourmet coffee and some fresh-baked cookies as you experience worship in a new way through current music, drama and video!


Pastor Jeff Scheich

Birthday: November 29
Education: BA, Concordia College, Ann Arbor, Michigan (1981) M. Div., Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri (1985)
Personal information: Married to Melinda since 1979. Three children.
Here at Christ Lutheran Church since: 2000
Contact information: Pastor Scheich      Office phone: (402) 483-7774 ext. 108
Enjoys: Sports, reading, family time, travel, and anything outdoors.
Fun fact: Learned to water-ski in the Florida Keys – sharks in the water made learning go quickly.
What I love about my position: Seeing God do a new work in the lives of so many people, as they experience God’s grace and mercy and are moved to love and serve others.
Bible verse with special personal meaning: Luke 15:11-32, the Parable of the Prodigal Son

Steve Wells – Worship Leader

Birthday: May 8
Personal information: Married to Barbie since 2001. Three beautiful daughters ages 18, 17, and 7.
Here at Christ Lutheran Church since: 2005
Contact information: Steve Wells or steve@room211.org
Office phone: (402) 483-7774
Enjoys: Spending time with my family, music, husker football, and Christian fellowship.
Fun fact: My favorite song is “Lead Me” by Sanctus Real.
What I love about my position: Seeing members of this congregation become closer to each other and their families through various learning and fellowship opportunities. I love the fact that I can consider members at Christ Lutheran my family.
Bible verse with special personal meaning: Psalm 139:23, 24 – Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

What We Believe

We are a ministry of Christ Lutheran Church in Lincoln, NE, and hold to its confession of faith. To read more about what we believe, click on this link.


The name “Room211” comes from Acts 2:11, where we find Peter and the other apostles speaking about the good things that God has done … in the language of the people who were listening. Room211 is an attempt to speak about the goodness of God to a multisensory culture.

Historically the church has spoken about the good things God has done – we’ve taken God’s word and spoken it to people in a formal setting. Today we find that people enjoy gathering with friends at a coffee shop for a cup of jo and conversation; people enjoy a good movie; people enjoy experiencing life. People take in information and make critical life decisions differently than in the past.

Surprisingly, in some ways our culture is similar to the culture of Jesus’ day – people learned then through the things around them. The lilies of the field and the sheep in the pasture became teaching tools for Jesus. Today, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, people learn through song, through video and movies, through experiencing life.

In early 2004 Christ Lutheran Church took a look at our congregation, and we discovered that what we sensed was going on was, in fact, reality: less than 10% of 20-35 year olds who claimed to be members of our church were actually in worship on any given Sunday. We decided to make variety in worship a Critical Target, and Pastor Jeff Scheich was tasked with bringing not only variety in worship styles to Christ Lutheran, but with beginning a worship style that would be biblically faithful and that would reach out to a post-modern, multisensory culture.

For 8 months he met weekly along with Phil Grimpo and Lori Wolfe of Inspirmedia Ministries and with Scotte Hansen, Christ’s Director of Student Ministries at the time, and on Sunday September 19, 2004, Room211 was given birth. Almost 250 people came to that first worship service to check it out that Sunday; within a few weeks 150 people were regularly attending.

In 2009, we were blessed with a brand new place for us to worship as we had grown out of our original space. The West Ministry Center has been a amazing place for us all to hear of the wonder that God has done as we’ve expanded our Sunday attendance to more than 1000 each week!

Now 10 years have passed since our first Room211 service, and we have outgrown both our new worship space. And so we’re launching a new campus of Room211 in southeast Lincoln, at Lincoln Christian School, so that we can continue to invite our friends to meet our Best Friend. We start our first service at our south campus on September 28, 2014, 10 years and one week after our very first service. We are so excited to see what God will do with this new growth in our ministry.

Hundreds of people have had a part in making Room211 what it is today – a place where 1000 or more people gather on a Sunday morning to worship God and learn from Him about life. Some dear friends have moved on, literally moving away from Lincoln. Many more are still with us, and new faces are in worship every week. Room211 is a place where you can feel very comfortable bringing a friend – it’s never the same, and yet it’s always the same: a place of joy, a place that’s comfortable, a place that’s non-threatening. It is church – things are the same as they’ve always been … but then again, there’s nothing quite the same about Room211!

We’re excited that you’ve checked out this site – we hope you’ll join us in worship.

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